Volkswagen managed to sell 7.5 million cars this year

Posted on Monday, 19 November 2012 , 03:11:54 byDan

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Volkswagen managed to sell 7.5 million cars this year

Germans from the Volkswagen Group are doing very well in terms of sales lately. The financial crisis did not affect them, but it allows the specialists to provide better financial terms for customers in Europe. From the beginning of this year and until last month, VW registered sales increases by 10.2% over the last period last year. They have managed to sell more than 7 million units. Actually, they have delivered 7.5 million cars in the first ten months of 2012, while in October the Germans sold 788.700 cars. This means a 14.6 increased in comparison with the same period last year. According to the carmaker, the figures include deliveries by the Porsche brand from August the 1st 2012, but also exclude sales from its truck divisions MAN and Scania. Their best markets are the US, China and Russia, but Western Europe is uncertain ground actually because of the economical crisis.

In the US sales have increased by 25.4% to 681.200 units. In South America sales have also increased to 842.200 units meaning with around 8.4%. 644.000cars were delivered to Brazil and 2.26 million went to China. The Indian market also registered an improvement in terms of sales, as the carmaker managed to sell 94.900 units so a 3.6% increase. VW sold 262.000 cars in Russia meaning 46.7 %. From January and until October, the German sold 3.1 million units. Sales have increased by 0.9%.

Individually, the brands did quite great. For example, VW sold 4.72 million passenger cars worldwide increasing by 11.2 %. Audi delivered 1.22 million cars, Skoda 795.100 increasing by 7.2%. Seat decreased by -9.8%. Last we have the VW Commercial vehicles that increased by 5.0% to 455.000 units. The Germans are doing very good we might say in comparison with other brand tortured by the financial crisis.