Tesla Motors is under surveillance

Posted on Friday, 7 December 2012 , 06:12:15 byDan

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Tesla Motors is under surveillance

Recently carmaker Tesla had a lot of problems, but also happier moments. The best part is that unlike its rival Fisker it has not been involved in massive recalls and so its image remained unstained. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency has been conducting an investigation on Tesla for about a year, trying to determine their spending of federal loans. It seems that the carmaker received a $US465 million federal loan from the Department of Energy two years ago, at the beginning of 2010. The investigators were actually looking to see whether Tesla is using parts made in other countries when building their cars instead of parts made in the US.

Different rumors on the other hand said the investigators were looking to see whether Tesla used its foreign trade zone status to bypass loan requirements that it must by American products, not foreign. If you have problems understanding the trade zones, know that these were created back in the 1930s and represent specific areas where products can be imported without the usual custom duties and procedures. The loan received by the manufacturer was part of a federal appropriation bill and not the stimulus program developed by President Obama. The requirement of buying American products was not specified anywhere.

The carmaker did not mention a thing about a government investigation, but when asked they declared that they do not confirm nor deny the existence of ongoing investigations. So that you know, the carmaker never denied the fact that it uses Panasonic-supplied batteries. This is exactly the same situation Ford founds itself now with the C-MAX and Hybrid Energi models. We do not know yet if Tesla is in trouble again or not, but for sure its image is a bit at risk. This is all on the matter for now, folks.

Tesla Motors is under surveillance image Tesla Motors is under surveillance image
Tesla Motors is under surveillance image