US manufacturers want to get rid of their stocks

Posted on Wednesday, 19 December 2012 , 03:12:19 byEmil

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US manufacturers want to get rid of their stocks

It seems that things are about to change. For example, how would you feel about a new 2013 Ford Taurus that will cost $5.000 less than the list price or about a 2012 Chrysler 200 in the same situation? For some, this is actually reality. Now that the year is almost over, different North American dealerships or even manufacturers offer price incentives in order to empty their stocks. Different sources said that only next week a man who found himself in front of Matthews-Hargreaves Chevrolet in Michigan saw a sign saying rebates up to $8.000, so yes, it is happening.

The US carmakers had this problem before and it was a terrible fight in which many ruined their businesses. Different specialists, on the other hand believe this is not the case and the problem will not be empowered at all, or at least not in all segments. For example, this December, there is a more powerful battle in the truck segment, but that is all, and just because there are great inventories of trucks just outside the factories.

If we turn our attention towards General Motors know that they had a 103-day supply of trucks according to Ward Automotive. For the GMC Sierra, the inventory was 146 days. This last ones offer incentives of $9.000 for different 2012 trucks. Detroit-based manufacturer was a little worried as November was not really such a good month for them. To be more precise, the transaction data show that the average incentive in November was $400 less than the same month last year. On the other room, Chrysler increased its incentives by almost $300, but this seems to be part of the standard company strategy. The average incentives for Ford were down $300 last month and the manufacturer had a 76-day supply of trucks by the end of November. It seems that the F-Series will become the best-selling truck in the US for almost 36 years in a row. Japanese carmaker Toyota has a 64-day car inventory and its average incentive was up by $500. Here the earthquake and the tsunami have a lot to do with this situation.