Aston Martin turns 100

Posted on Wednesday, 19 December 2012 , 11:12:15 byIulia

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Aston Martin turns 100

British carmaker Aston Martin is getting ready for a big celebration. The specialists will soon turn 100 years old and for this exceptional achievement, they will organize a series of events that will underline their global success over the years. Their strongest product line is the GT that now offered the incredible Vanquish and the DB9. These models managed to bring a lot of awards. The most expected day is the 15th of January 2013 and to commemorate the occasion, Aston Martin will bring the A3, the oldest surviving Aston Martin and also a new Vanquish and will participate in a photo shoot. This will take place in Chelsea where a commemorative plaque will also be unveiled. The Aston Martin Heritage Trust Walter Hayes Memorial Lecture will take place on the evening of the 15th in central London. The line of events does not stop here.

It seems that the carmaker has a lot of other surprises prepared. The peak will be reached on the 15th of July to 21st of July 2013 when Aston Martin will organize a week-long festival for all owners and fans of the brand. On the 20th of July will take place a 1.000-guest party and also a spectacular Centenary Concours event on the 21st. The center of attention will be something the Aston Martin Heritage Trust and the Aston Martin Owners Club have prepared. Central London will be the place where more than 100 iconic cars will be on display. This will in fact be the biggest gathering in the history of the Company.

In the same day with the party, there will take place a number of centenary drives. Especially for the ceremony, the carmaker has developed a special centenary logo that has been designed to express forward motion. We can all admit, next year will be a great one for the British manufacturer and this is why, if you want to find out more details on what they have prepared for you, please check out their official web site.

Aston Martin turns 100 image Aston Martin turns 100 image
Aston Martin turns 100 image