Jeep did a great job in terms of sales last year

Posted on Thursday, 10 January 2013 , 14:01:36 byVeronica

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Jeep did a great job in terms of sales last year

Last year was a great one for Jeep in terms of sales. According to the manufacturer, in 2012 the company increased their sales numbers by 19% worldwide in comparison with 2011. We have to admit that most of the credit belongs to the Jeep Wrangler. Despite the fact the Jeep Grand Cherokee led Jeep sales the Wrangler posted record numbers both globally and within the UK market, moving 194.142 and 141.669 cars in each market. The brand managed to achieve double-digit percentage sales increases in each of the past three years, both globally and in the US market, according to President and CEO, Mike Manley. The company offered the Jeep capabilities and improved on-road driving dynamics, fuel efficiency and world-class craftsmanship and for sure, clients have appreciated all these attributes the Jeep vehicles can provide.

The specialists hope to continue in the same way this year and to do so they will introduce an all-new mid-size Jeep SUV, but also the new 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee. This last one will be available with a new diesel engine. In the Asia-Pacific region sales have increased by 97%, in the European market to 29% and in Latin America to 18%. Apparently, China seems to continue being the fastest-growing mainstream brand with sales increasing 107% last year.

When it comes to the US, Jeep has reached first place in the SUV market. The Jeep Compass recorded its best year ever on a global basis and the Patriot lived its best US sales year with 62.010 units sold. The Grand Cherokee recorded its best annual total since 2005 with sales of 154.734 units in the US. Worldwide Jeep sales were led by the Cherokee, followed by the Wrangler on second place and last by the Jeep Compass. This was indeed a great year for Jeep.