Infiniti will launch four new models

Posted on Friday, 18 January 2013 , 13:01:11 byIulia

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Infiniti will launch four new models

At the 2013 edition of the North American International Auto Show held in Detroit we had the opportunity to see a lot of new and incredible cars. Beside the Corvette Stingray, we have to mention the 2014 Q50 sports sedan. This last one was one of the most anticipated cars revealed at this event, we have to admit. Japanese carmaker Nissan has a strategy of expanding its luxury division and this model is one of the four ones the specialists plan to reveal. All will be revealed in the next four years.

Nissan officials have admitted the fact that Infiniti products now cover less than 60 % of the global premium market. As expected from an ambitious global player in this segment, it must have an extensive range of models and power trains. Here we have to mention forced-induction four- and six-cylinder gasoline engines and also clean diesels. The specialists are very determined to reach their goals and thanks to their talent and dedication, will probably do it. We all know Infiniti works since 1989, but until now has been confided to North America, mostly.

Last year, Nissan announced that it plans to move the headquarters of the company from a Nissan building in Yokohama, Japan to Hong Kong and will be Infiniti Global Ltd. The plant in Tennessee will start producing 4-cylinder turbocharged engines for both Daimler and also Infiniti models. Jatco, a transmission company that it is owned 75 % by Nissan will also build transmissions for Infiniti and Daimler at its plant in Mexico. The future Infiniti model will have as base the 2011 Etherea concept and will receive power from Mercedes-Benz diesel engines. So much for this, everybody, but do not go very far as chances are more news on the matter will be released soon.