Three German engines are the least reliable

Posted on Wednesday, 23 January 2013 , 13:01:53 byDan

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Three German engines are the least reliable

No matter the brand, cars are very complicated and complex machines. Despite the fact that the owner takes really good care of it and follows the user and service manuals precisely, there is every time something goes wrong. Of course, it is not the end of the world, because here is where warranties come in. Unfortunately, these are not forever, but the problems, even the minor ones keep appearing. On the other hand, when the engine starts having problems, it is something more serious and costs even more. As expected, the engine failures scare all motorists because the high prices for the pieces and the time spent to fix them are always a real reason of concern. Duncan McClure Fisher, Warranty Direct managing director for UK declared, but we think we can all agree on this. These types of failures are not that common like, let us say axle suspension damage, but the repairs result in costs reaching in all motorists who no longer have a warranty.

A study has been made by Warranty Direct on 50.000 live consumer policies and the results are quite interesting. Apparently, Audi came in second as an offender with 1 in 27 owners reporting an engine problem. The only one who did worse was the MG Rover, which no longer exists with 1 in 13. We cannot say it is really a surprise as British models were never known for their reliability. On the third place we have the Mini with 1 in 40 vehicles with engine problems. Coming on 7th place we have BMW and VW on 9th. The clear winner is Honda with only 1 in 344 owners reporting engine issues. Right next to it we have the Japanese manufacturer Toyota with 1 in 171 problems reported. Mercedes-Benz follows the two with 1 in 119 engine problems. Check out the photo gallery to find out more.

Three German engines are the least reliable image Three German engines are the least reliable image