Chrysler earned a lot of money in 2012

Posted on Thursday, 31 January 2013 , 12:01:11 byEmil

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Chrysler earned a lot of money in 2012

Yesterday we found out about Ford and how profitable last years was for them and today we will turn our attention towards Chrysler. A day ago, the carmaker reported a 2012 net income of $1.7 billion. The difference in quite big if we take into consideration 2011 when the company obtained a $183 million profit.

2012 ended very well with an excellent 4th quarter that registered a new income rise of 68 % from $225 million obtained in 2011 to $378 million in 2012. In terms of sales know that the company managed to increase their sales last year to 1.65 million units so 11.4 %. They have obtained a market growth of 13 %in 2012 and the sales have increased only last year with 21 %. Vehicle sales worldwide for the full 2012 totaled 2.2 million, up 18 % from 2011.

Chrysler also revealed an updated product plan for the Group and Fiat Brands that goes right to 2016. We are actually talking about an updated version of the plan introduced in 2009 just after Fiat took over the American manufacturer. The US market will receive an Alfa Romeo 4C model this year and a lot more until 2016. Italian manufacturer Fiat will also introduce a series of models in the next few years.

Returning to the Chrysler Group, many new models and improvements will be delayed for up to two years. The models affected are a Ram-badge version of the Fiat small commercial van, a small-built Fiat Jeep and also the 7-seat Grand Wagoneer. Dodge will also try to keep the pace and offer new, refreshed models. The new Viper will receive and update version as well, but only in 2015. This is all the information available on the matter so far.Source: autoblog