Audi will build the 5 millionth car with Quattro

Posted on Wednesday, 27 February 2013 , 23:02:10 byIulia

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Audi will build the 5 millionth car with Quattro

German carmaker Audi managed to offer 5 million Quattro systems so far. This can only come as very good news for the superior technology. The last car to receive it is a white Audi A6 all-road equipped with a 3.0-liter TDI engine. The first model equipped with the Quattro technology was built in 1980. Audi offers the widest range of cars by far with all-wheel drive and all S and RS models are available exclusively with Quattro drives. The name represents driving safety and sportiness, a dynamic attitude and also technical competence. The Quattro models sell particularly well in the US, Canada, Russia and also in the markets if the Middle East. The German carmaker offers a very wide variety of car concepts and Quattro technology is equally wide-ranging. The specialists have developed a special solution which is available for each concept separately.

For example, for the compact A3, Q3 and TT models, the manufacturer uses a Quattro line that features an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch with hydraulic actuator. The new A3 features the latest upgrade of the multi-plate clutch. The RS 4 Avant, RS 5 Coupe and RS 5 Cabriolet models feature the center differential in its latest stage of evolution. Just like in the case of a traditional center differential, it can be combined with another Audi technology, the sport differential to be more precise, which in fact actively distributes power to the rear wheels. The R8 mid-engine sport car features viscous coupling that can divert 15 to 30 % of the torque to the front wheels whenever needed.

Thanks to the Quattro drive, the carmaker managed to become a pioneer in all-wheel drive systems for passenger cars. The first model equipped with this incredible technology was revealed for the first time at the 1980 edition of the Geneva motor Show and it made a lot of customers happy ever since.