Corvette uses the new collision-avoidance radar system

Posted on Tuesday, 26 March 2013 , 19:03:21 byVeronica

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Corvette uses the new collision-avoidance radar system

We have to admit that when it comes to technologies used with racecars, which are incredible, by the way, we expect to see them in the production cars as well and not the other way around. Apparently Miller & Pratt have developed new rear-facing radar that behaves like modern, well-known blind spot detection system, or something similar, which is in fact capable of observing cars as they approach. These new systems provide very important information to the drivers using a large display screen.

We had the opportunity to see it for the first time last week at the 12 Hours of Sebring for Corvette Racing. The specialists knew exactly what they were thinking about as it makes perfect sense for endurance races because cars sometimes have to drive through the night and in poor weather conditions, so perfect timing with the new system. So that we know, the specialists have told us that it uses a rear-facing radar sensor to identify up to 32 objects and it uses a specially-built Linux PC with a Core i3 CPU. This way, the driver knows exactly how many cars are following, the distance between them, their speed and the system can also detect weather the cars are a faster class, so it is quite smart.

This specially made radar is able to detect cars even if the visibility is poor as it uses different symbols that are easy to detect.

There is a line that goes through the marker which indicates that the software observes a car from a faster car is approaching. There is also a large arrow that flashes to either side every time the car is being overtaken. Last, but not least we also have to mention a line graph at the side of the screen that offers estimation on the distance between your car and the ones close to it. Pratt & Miller is in fact the only company to have a system like this used in terms of racing.