Hyundai E4U:they did it their egg-way

Posted on Friday, 5 April 2013 , 23:04:42 byTheodora

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Hyundai E4U:they did it their egg-way

Hyundai Motor Company has continuously tried to create innovative ways to satisfy customers. The company leads Korea’s auto industry and has become a major global auto company. And speaking of innovation it is impossible not to notice the Hyundai E4U concept which has been recently introduced with the occasion of Seoul Motor Show and which has already won the “Idea Festival” Hyundai Motor Group R&D Center’s internal contest.

Hyundai E4U concept has been created to fight the heavy traffic and the rush hours of urban areas. It’s kind of a big yellow egg looking segway which has already received both critics and appreciation. It has certainly twisted many heads and minds. In fact, the E4 stands for egg, evolution, electricity and eco-friendliness.  The strange alien looking vehicle has a retractable rear leg and it is equipped with a special roof that also acts as a head mounted windshield. The one seater relies on a base hemisphere that runs on a 24 volt, 500-watt battery. This allows the odd 80 kg E4U to reach a maximum speed of 30 km/h. The two rear wheels provide the vehicle balance, also giving it a distinct tripod shape. The drivers control the vehicle’s speed and direction with the turn of their body.

Driving one of this you won’t impress anybody with your style but you will certainly find a parking spot. So, would you ride on the extraterrestrial looking Hyundai E4U?

Hyundai E4U:they did it their egg-way image Hyundai E4U:they did it their egg-way image
Hyundai E4U:they did it their egg-way image