The Toyota Prius V becomes Daihatsu Mebius for Japanese domestic market

Posted on Wednesday, 10 April 2013 , 19:04:12 byTheodora

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The Toyota Prius V becomes Daihatsu Mebius for Japanese domestic market

Toyota developed a new market strategy by changing the name, for its Japanese brand Daihatsu, for the Asian market. It started first with Camry, badge-engineered as a Daihatsu Altis and continued with the MPV Prius V released now into Daihatsu Mebius.

Basically there is no difference between the MPV Prius V and Daihatsu Mebius, except the fact that the Mebius version will be sold only with five seats while the Prius V has in addition the seven seat feature. This leads to a roomy trunk measuring 535 liters than can extend to an almost unreal 1,070 liters with the rear seats down. Interior design remained unchanged and the exterior gets soft cosmetic lines almost undetectable for the public eye.

The rebadged version of the Prius V, the Daihatsu Mebius kept the same hybrid system. The 1.8-liter gasoline engine that delivers 99-PS is matched to an electric motor and together reach a total output of 136 PS (134 horsepower). With an average fuel consumption of 3.82 liters/100 km (61.6 US mpg, 26.2 km/l) the Daihatsu Mebius keeps the Prius environmental friendly standard unharmed.

For those who opt for the base model they got to pay a starting price of JPY2,350,000 (23,600 USD). The price can go as far as JPY2,800,000 (28,000 USD) for the range-topping variant.