Audi Q8 to beat Q7 in size

Posted on Monday, 22 April 2013 , 12:04:37 byTheodora

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Audi Q8 to beat Q7 in size

For the German company Audi, sustainability is an important goal in order to continue functioning economically, protect the environment and guarantee a liveable future for generations to come. The four rings brand is one of the top and, at the same time, one of the most famous car producers in the world. Starting with SUVs, sedans, coupes they’ve got everything a respectable company needs. And according to the German chiefs they are considering to manufacture a new SUV larger than the Audi Q7.

Justa as a reminder, the Audi Q7 has become such a mighty presence on road that even the Range Rover seems small. It seems that the company now believes that this is not enough anymore and that size does matter. So the idea of a bigger SUV, the Audi Q8, is perfect for their thoughts. And probably this is a must have, since the competition is threatening and encouraged, especially by the Volkswagen Group.  However, the present focus of the car is to get out everything that is possible from their Audi Q2.

If Audi Q8 becomes reality, it will have a sporty style, with the same lines as the recently introduced Range Rover Sport. Of course that on the inside it will keep the luxurious elements that Audi got people used to.