BMW Museum in Munich is a place you have to visit

Posted on Friday, 26 April 2013 , 20:04:55 byEmil

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BMW Museum in Munich is a place you have to visit

If you are a car fan visiting Munich, you must make a stop at the BMW Museum. There you will see permanently 120 automobiles, engines and motorcycles that tell the 90 years story of the carmaker. The entrance fee is only EUR9 which is about $11.75, but it highlights the way BMW was born and how it developed into what is now the largest premium car manufacturer in the world. We have to mention the models that have the strongest power over visitors. One of them is the 328 Mille Miglia which was capable of winning the 1940 thousand-mile race. Old cars are always impressive, but adding the fact that these are racing cars makes our point.

Next we have to mention the 3 Series which is one important model in the history of BMW. Even though it is not part of the 3 Series, the 1600 is displayed next to the first generation 3 Series, and it is considered the forefather of this successful name plant. The E 30 is also a great generation. We might also say that this is the best looking 3 Series ever built and to be more precise, we are talking mainly of the E30 325ix Touring.

In terms of convertibles, the BMW 507 takes your breath away and the roadster version of the 328 is capable of making us dream with our eyes closed. In the room dedicated to BMW M models you will have the chance to see an E46 M3 CSL in mint condition, one of the best cars ever built. Here it is also the first M5, the M 635 CSi, the well known M1 and the M Roadster.

The 2002 BMW M3 GTR is seating close to the 1989 M3 DTM and to the 1974 BMW 3.0-liter CSL Batmobile. In the end you can also see a concept that previews the next i8, the 2009 Vision Efficient Dynamics concept. Source: carscoop.blogspot