Dacia Duster Pickup scheduled for 2014

Posted on Monday, 6 May 2013 , 00:05:48 byTheodora

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Dacia Duster Pickup scheduled for 2014

If you have an urge feeling of driving the change you certainly need to get into one of the Renault cars. The main target of the French company is to transform sustainable mobility into something accessible to all the persons in the world. The brand is constantly working on new projects and some of them are developing in the Dacia plant in Romania. The ultimate challenge is to manufacture the Dacia Duster Pickup version.

The Dacia Duster Pickup will be a low-cost vehicle that is helpful especially when we are talking about work. The information about the car is kept secret enough so that little things are familiar to the public. This makes the car even more expected by the curious persons who can’t wait to see or even buy it. The Pickup is programmed to enter sale in 2014 and the possible future clients could choose between a single and a double cabin. Choice goes with the front or all-wheel drive, too, depending on the customers necessities.

The facelifted Dacia Duster version will be the starting point in manufacturing the Pickup, that could come together with some interior changes. The most important one will be the R-Link touch screen infotainment unit, which has already made it debut on the second generation Logan. The Duster will have nice off-road abilities and why not a good overall impression. The vehicle will be a great one considering the relation price-quality and it will reinforce the Dacia-Renault brand.  

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