1:7 scale Lego of the Caterham Seven

Posted on Monday, 20 May 2013 , 11:05:38 byTheodora

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1:7 scale Lego of the Caterham Seven

For most of us Lego is just for fun. But for Sheepo's Garage this transforms into real work. From approximately 2,500 Lego bricks Sheepo manufactured the Caterham Seven (also called Caterham 7). The mini model is a copy of the Lotus Seven. A thing that needs to be said is that all the assembled parts are perfectly running.

Weighting just 2.2 kg (4.85 lbs) the reduced Lego version is built on a 1:7 scale and measures 23cm wide x 45cm long x 20cm tall. A remote control system commands the Caterham Seven that has steering with ackerman geometry, fully disc brakes, Sequential 5+R speeds gearbox and two drive motors. The sequential gearbox is at the third generation and has auto clutch and it is more compact. The cabin has also got a gear indicator and behind the seats, over the rear axle are the batteries.

The Seven is based on a tubular body frame with double wishbone front independent suspension and DeDion rear live axle. When it comes to dismember the Lego Caterham it takes just a couple of minutes. If you are bored with your Lego bricks you can always have fun with the Caterham Seven.