Renault questions its fans

Posted on Thursday, 23 May 2013 , 08:05:23 byTheodora

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Renault questions its fans

Renault’s most important aim is to make sustainable mobility accessible to all the human beings in the world. And this goal couldn’t be better pictured by anything except by the company’s motto "drive the change". The French brand is permanently working on new ideas taking a great care about its fans. This is how a survey on the public asks whether or not a Renault Zoe Cabrio EV version is desired.

However, the question is asked by a fan and not by any official from Renault. The same fan posts a drawing on Facebook and if the model were to become reality it might look similar to this one. The Renault EV was introduced on the European market in the autumn of 2012 and its cost began from 15,700 EUR. The car is equipped with a battery system that can be partially charged in about 30 minutes, and totally full in 9 hours. This is possible with the help of the built in Chameleon charger. However, when using a 22 kW fast charger, the battery will reach full capacity in approximately one hour. The battery system is enough to drive the car on 150 km (93 miles) in mild weather or 100 km (62 miles) in cold climate. Until the imagined cabrio version becomes real, there is a sure fat: that the present Renault EV is a successful car that fulfils the latest trend in the auto field.

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