Skoda Rapid Sport official pictures

Posted on Sunday, 26 May 2013 , 08:05:40 byTheodora

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Skoda Rapid Sport official pictures

Skoda, headquartered in the Czech Republic, is a car manufacturer that takes into account the small everyday challenges of life, every time a new vehicle is designed. The Skoda products are high quality ones because of the clever small touches they’ve got. Big auto shows are the places where automakers reveal both latest models and concept cars to the world. One of these shows is the Goodwood Festival of Speed, where Skoda is willing to show off its new Skoda Rapid Sport. The festival is scheduled on 11th July.

To make the launching event more expected by the fans and by all the car lovers, Skoda has just offered to the public some new pictures with their Skoda Rapid Sport concept. The vehicle presented in the photos rides on a set of 19 inch alloy wheels.  What is somehow shocking and unusual for the Czech car, is the fact that it is covered in two colours paint: half red, half silver. The car is equipped with a more aggressive body kit and the new dual exhaust system at the rear will certainly make itself heard in the neighbourhood. It also has a recessed hood that works as a glove on the concept car and matches quite nicely to the whole exterior theme.

The inside of the Skoda RS is still kept a secret. Though, some new shots will probably come out to spread the mystery by the time Goodwood festival starts. Regarding the sporty feeling the exterior offers us, it will surely be transferred on the interior too. There might appear some spot features such as a sport type steering wheel, or some sporty seats, and why not even illuminated door sills. It remains to be seen how will the public receive the new Skoda RS, but we might say a future success is just around the corner.