Mercedes Benz SLC planned for 2016

Posted on Tuesday, 28 May 2013 , 12:05:46 byTheodora

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Mercedes Benz SLC planned for 2016

Mercedes-Benz is one of Europe’s greatest automakers. This is due partly to the intense competition between the world’s most famous brands, reason which of course gives birth to the company’s desire to score points in its favour and overcome the enemies. Mercedes has always been a respectable brand in the auto field. Its top position is clear to everybody, including to the rival companies which try to do their best to keep up with it.

Mercedes Benz has in its fleet more two door models than any other car manufacturer in the world. But they seem to believe that many is not that much and there is always room for a newcomer. And that’s how they are planning to introduce a Mercedes Benz SLC till 2016. The supercar is especially built to win the battle with the other car makers, emphasizing the interest to be better than Porsche 911. New details about the sophisticated vehicle emerge as time passes.

It is said that the cheapest Mercedes Benz SLC will have a starting price of €109,000 in Germany, a little more expensive than the Porsche 911 Carrera S but cheaper than a 4S. The spectacular vehicle will be powered by a new AMG engine known as the M177, which is rumored to be introduced in the new generation C63 AMG next year. The SLC base model will generate 485 horsepower, being a bit more powerful than the Porsche. There might also be an S version generating 550 horsepower and its starting price will be €145,000. The usual battle between important vehicle brands couldn’t make the auto lovers happier. Seeing the move of each company, which is a step forward to meeting perfection, is like playing a chess game. And excitement is at its highest peak. 

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