Mazda 3 leaked

Posted on Sunday, 2 June 2013 , 22:06:36 byTheodora

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Mazda 3 leaked

Mazda is a company whose goal is to become a premium brand in the hearts and minds of the customers. Mazda has developed its business by providing "Zoom-Zoom" cars that are fun to drive. In order to continue offering customers the "Zoom-Zoom" experience, they set an aim in making cars that also provide excellent environmental and safety performance. One of these vehicles is the Mazda 3 which is expected to be released in a brand new version in 2015.

The 2015 Mazda 3 hatchback has just been leaked and instantly grabbed by a Japanese magazine. The new car will surely use the manufacturer’s new Kodo design language and Skyactiv efficiency philosophy. The code named Kodo design language was first use on the Mazd CX-5 and this is translated into terms of a new front fascia that looses its smiling face and in some new elements that change the view of the car’s profile. As for the Skyactiv philosophy, the brand is planning successive launches of next generation models featuring this. The philosophy means greater attention to the vehicle weight and aerodynamics and the may they work together creating a more efficient and performance pack.

More information about the Mazda 3 will surely arrive in no time, as we are getting closer and closer to the introduction and production of the vehicle. For its creator, the car is an important key from the world’s car markets. It is a vehicle that reunites under the same name new values, excitement and the delight of driving.