Vencer Sarthe goes to UK

Posted on Monday, 10 June 2013 , 11:06:53 byTheodora

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Vencer Sarthe goes to UK

At the end of 2010, Robert Cobben founded Vencer. With the strong conviction that he was able to build a fantastic sports car, he is now realising his most wanted dream. Together with a small but skilled engineering team he is developing a beautifully designed model with an incredible driving experience named the Vencer Sarthe.

The first Vencer Sarthe ever introduced by the Dutch company was presented to the audience in April at the Monaco Auto Show. Now U.K. is proud to host the fabulous car for the first time. The car is powered by a V 8 engine connected to a 6 speed MT gearbox. This configuration provides weight balance, having a distribution of 45% front and 55% at the back. The vehicle has only ABS and EBD, without any other technology on board, in order to allow a direct control that has no electronic interference.

The Vencer Sarthe is an exclusively handmade mid-engine sports car that makes use of a hybrid space frame chassis, made of high grade tubular steel, with chrome-molybdenum safety structure and rear sub-frame with the floor based on an aluminium honeycomb structure. This combination of materials and techniques offers the car a lightweight, super strong and rigid chassis. The idea of Vencer is to use worldwide creativity and preferences of car enthusiasts as input for the design of the next model. So every future victory of this company can be a collective one.

Vencer Sarthe goes to UK image Vencer Sarthe goes to UK image
Vencer Sarthe goes to UK image