Toyota Camatte57s Concept presented

Posted on Tuesday, 11 June 2013 , 13:06:20 byTheodora

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Toyota Camatte57s Concept presented

Toyota Motor Corporation is a Japanese company that has high desires. It has unique ideas to create great cars and to satisfy even the most difficult client. The company is used to permanently have new projects on the run. It is also the case for their Toyota Camatte57s concept which has just been introduced in the Tokyo Toy Show.

The Toyota Camatte57s has a body composed out of 57 small and light panels, as the name suggests. These detachable elements have various colours and designs. The concept is so easy to use that even a kid can do it, of course that on non public roads. This is possible thanks to the adjustable seats and pedals which can be adapted to every driver.

The Toyota Camatte57s has certain features that make it special. It has 3000 mm length, 140 mm wideness and 1000 mm height. It is a three seated car, having one seat in front for the driver and two at the back for other passengers. The concept is powered by an electric engine, this setting the brand among other car makers that are willing to pay more credit to the relationship between the vehicles they produce and the environment.