BMW 8-Series imagined by Auto Projecoes

Posted on Sunday, 23 June 2013 , 06:06:55 byTheodora

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BMW 8-Series imagined by Auto Projecoes

When you think of BMW you think of excellence. The BMW brand offers a great driving pleasure for each of its customers. Sporting and dynamic performance that are mated with an amazing design and the highest possible quality are the main features of the German company. BMW is one of the most active companies in the field, having a great variety of cars in its fleet. Maybe this is why it attracts the sights of many tuning companies and lately the interest of computer addicts, such as the guys in Auto Projecoes. The gang here has just imagined how a BMW 8 Series production model could look like.

It is already a fact that Mercedes and BMW are rivals till death. So, considering that Mercedes is already planning a coupe version of their new S- Class, BMW can’t hold back new ideas. It is very likely that the Bavarian company has the desire to resurrect the 8- Series name to fight back their German enemies and not only them. Auto Projecoes has played a little on a design program on the computer and they came up with a BMW 8- Series based on the Gran Lusso Coupe Concept.

As a reminder, the BMW Gran Lusso Coupe Concept has been introduced at Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d’Este as a concept done by the Germans in collaboration with Pininfarina. The render here illustrates a different kidney grille, some BMW production lamps and alloy wheels and an updated front apron, too. It remains to be seen whether or not BMW will launch something like this in the near future.

BMW 8-Series imagined by Auto Projecoes image