A TVR supercar due to 2015

Posted on Saturday, 29 June 2013 , 02:06:06 byTheodora

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A TVR supercar due to 2015

TVR Automotive Ltd. is a name in the auto field that had certainly had its ups and downs. Until 2006 it was headquartered in Britain and it got to know the greatest success in the history, being the third largest specialized sports car manufacturer in the world. Then the economical crisis hit the company and the anonymity began. However, it seems that now, the new owner, Les Edgar is decided to resurrect the brand.

Les Edgar states that a next TVR vehicle will most likely be introduced in 2015. It will soon be followed by other vehicles to give extra power to the fleet. The new car is supposed to be priced between £50,000-80,000 (€58,280-93,250 / $76,155-121,850). The work is difficult but with a hard working staff things will go in the right direction. The desire of the boss is to produce supercars for the common man. They will be have a classic front engine and a rear wheeldrive layout.

The owner of TVR has many plans and ideas and he is sure the mistakes from the past won’t happen again.  ” Never say never ” and “Thunderous news! The distant rumble of rumour has turned to thunder and TVR is back in Britain!” are the mottos that confirm his will. However, there are no specifications regarding the future TVR model which is sure to respect the company’s heritage and Britishness.