2014 Mini Cooper teased

Posted on Wednesday, 3 July 2013 , 13:07:53 byTheodora

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2014 Mini Cooper teased

Mini originated as a specific vehicle, a small car originally known as the Morris Mini-Minor and the Austin Seven, launched by the British Motor Corporation in 1959, and developed into a brand with a range of small cars. Mini means efficient production, economical car and social commitment, all mated to offer a fun driving. The company is now working on the next generation of Mini Cooper which is scheduled to appear sometime in 2013.

Since the 2014 Mini Cooper has been spied various times, the company thought of playing back on the indiscreet photographers by releasing a teaser photo with the future to come car. Of course the picture is not very generous and all it does is raise interest for what will come.  With a playful attitude, the officials state that the Mini will be introduced in no time. This means that the following weeks are decisive. 

The next generation vehicle will be a bigger Mini Cooper, having an increase in length and wideness. It will probably be fitted with slimmer A pillars, a longer hood and a smaller front grille. Even though the exterior of the 2014 Mini Cooper will have just a few modifications, the interior is rumored to be completely changed.  Whether or not the rumors hide something true we will soon find out.

2014 Mini Cooper teased image