The next generation Skoda Superb under development

Posted on Thursday, 11 July 2013 , 23:07:53 byTheodora

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The next generation Skoda Superb under development

Skoda is a company that always faced competition and lately it defined the economical crises, too. The name of the brand hides a passion for sensible engineering, a great design and an awesome precision. And taking into account the quality- price report we might say it is one of the most affordable brand on the market. Although the Skoda Superb facelift has just been introduced, the company’s officials claim that a new restyled Superb is on its way.

The next generation Skoda Superb will have a striking design and thee good looks will make a wanted car out of it. No details have been revealed, but it seems that the revolutionary iPhone stands as a base of this project. And this is because it is something simple and useful, and this is exactly what the Czech manufacturer wants from its cars.

Jozef Kaban, the chief designer at Skoda, stated that the new Skoda Superb models will all borrow the hidden tailpipes from the RS models. Besides the preparations for the Superb, the ones for the Skoda Fabia are on the run. The new Fabia is scheduled to appear in 2014 and it is said to be a great looking vehicle.

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