Lucra 2.2 teased

Posted on Wednesday, 31 July 2013 , 05:07:14 byTheodora

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Lucra 2.2 teased

Lucra Cars was founded on the concept that a car that featured both extreme light weight and large V8 power could be built. Although not as famous as Hennessy, for example, the California-based squad has built the Lucra LC470, a vehicle that features fantastic weight distribution and great ergonomics and in the past years it had quite a lot of success. The company has just released some teaser photos with their future coming product which is codenamed the Lucra 2.2.

The Lucra 2.2 is a super lightweight sports car that has a lot in common with the company’s LC470. It will continue the front-engine, rear-wheel drive layout Lucra is so keen on. Information regarding this roadster is still little. However, it is expected that it will be manufactured of composite materials and that it will have a lightweight tubular chassis. The teasers allow us to notice some distinguishing elements such as the front fascia with LED-infused headlights and a carbon fiber front splitter, or the bulging fenders, the side-exiting exhaust, the rakish windscreen and also the back side with twin rollover hoops that flow into the rear bumper.

The Lucra LC470 comes in three engine configurations, a 6.2-liter LS3 V8, a 7.0-liter LS7 V8 and an AMG-sourced 6.3-liter V8 that can be equipped with an optional Weistec supercharger. These are the engine types that can very well work with the new Lucra 2.2, although this is pure supposition for the time being. Hopefully, more details will emerge before the introduction of the car.