2015 Acura NSX lapped at Mid Ohio

Posted on Monday, 5 August 2013 , 02:08:56 byTheodora

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2015 Acura NSX lapped at Mid Ohio

Acura has been setting new standards in automotive design and engineering for two decades through bold innovation, a refined sense of aesthetics, and precision manufacturing. The Acura NSX is getting closer and closer to entering production and the company needs to be sure that the fans know it. So the car has just made its public debut at Mid-Ohio Indy 200 in Lexington.

The Acura NSX prototype seen in action at Mid-Ohio was wearing a custom blue paint and the engineer behind the steering wheel lapped the 2.4 mile road course with it. The vehicle is being submitted to testing by Honda R&D Americas in Raymond, Ohio. It will be manufactured near Marsyville. The Acura NSX is equipped with new headlights, large mirrors, restyled air intakes and an observable badge with its name.

The 2015 Acura NSX will be powered by a three-motor high-performance hybrid system containing two electric motors that source the front wheels and a third motor integrated with the V6 engine mated with the recently developed dual-clutch gearbox that provides power to the rear axle. The system is called Sport Hybrid SH-AWD and promises high performance. The result is a stunning vehicle with exhilarating performance, unsurpassed comfort and safety features that receives the most exact attention to details.