Tesla Model S might receive all wheel drive

Posted on Tuesday, 6 August 2013 , 20:08:35 byTheodora

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Tesla Model S might receive all wheel drive

Tesla Motors is a company headquartered in one of the hottest points in the world, the Silicon Valley.  From there, it designs, then manufactures and of course sells electric cars and electric components. Tesla Model S is the fully electric luxury sedan created by the American brand, which is by any measure a truly remarkable vehicle.

The Tesla Model S has somehow become one of the most wanted electric vehicles and the model beat all expectations. The company sold 4,750 units even though their target was 4,500 units sold. Now, some reports indicate the fact that there are good chances for the sedan to receive an all-wheel drive variant. There is not too much information to confirm the rumor.

If the all wheel drive Tesla Model S catches shape, it could be launched the following year in an ultra premium trim level. It is expected that the car will be based on the P85 variant. It should reach from stand point to 60 mph in about 4.2 seconds. The all wheel drive will also be available on the cheaper Tesla models. Tesla takes no position in denying or confirming this rumor. However, in the past the officials there have announced their plans to introduce the all wheel drive on the Model X crossover. Tesla Model S provides the responsiveness and agility expected from world’s best sports cars and at the same time it offers the nice ride quality of a sedan.

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