Audi Fleet Shuttle Quattro imagined for the movie industry

Posted on Thursday, 8 August 2013 , 22:08:53 byTheodora

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Audi Fleet Shuttle Quattro imagined for the movie industry

Audi is one of the most familiar names in the auto field. No matter where you travel in the world it is impossible not to spot an Audi model on the road. So it is no surprise that it has made room in the movie industry, too. There are plenty of films that carry their stars in Audi vehicles. Wolverine and Iron Man are just two of the guys that drive an Audi model, making them look stronger and classier at the same time.

Ender’s game is the next movie name that will host a special Audi car. It is a screening after the novel with the same name written by the American author Orson Scott Card. The action is set in the future of our planet and it is a military science fiction novel. And when it comes to science fiction films, it is almost compulsory to have some extraterrestrial figures that make the action juicier. So in this case, Audi came up with its Fleet Shuttle Quattro to match the film.

The Audi Fleet Shuttle Quattro is absolutely stunning. It is futuristic, progressive and cutting-edge. The “alien” car was specially designed for the movie. Its futuristic appearance makes it perfect for the science fiction world. Of course, when talking about the future, the vehicle needs to dispose a variety of new technological goodies. Audi had a close working connection with Gavin Hood, the film director and the production team so that the final digitally result would be amazing. And so it is. And this means that Audi, as a brand, has a well developed vision for the future and that more great Audis are going to please our sight in the following years.