Ford 3D dirt detection

Posted on Monday, 26 August 2013 , 10:08:14 byEmil

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Ford 3D dirt detection

The technology takes microscopic scans of the painted surface, and then cues final operators to make adjustments. Surpassing the outdated human-eye examination, the 16 cameras shoot more then 200 high resolution photos per second, thus coming together into a 3d image. This is put head to head against a by-the-book computer model, and finds out even the tiniest of faults, detecting dirt particles smaller than a grain of salt.

Locating small dirt particles has always posed a challenge to conventional systems, as the human eye examination is limited. Not the case anymore with Ford's 3D dirt detection technology used during the painting process.

So far, this system is used at three assembly plants. Below you can find them and the Ford models which benefit from this:

- Dearborn Truck Plant ( Dearborn, Mich. ): Ford F-Series

- Kentucky Truck Plant ( Louisville, Ky. ): Ford Expedition, Ford Super Duty

- Valencia Assembly Plant ( Valencia, Spain ): *Ford C-MAX... *the Grand C-MAX and compact models

Ford will introduce the technology during the months to come in the following locations and for the following models:

- Chicago Assembly Plant ( Chicago ): Ford Taurus, Ford Explorer, Ford Police Intercepto

- Louisville Assembly Plant ( Louisville, Ky. ): Ford Escape

- Oakville Assembly Plant ( Oakville, Ontario, Canada ): Ford Flex, Ford Edge

- Kansas City Assembly Plant ( Claycomo, Mo. ): Ford F-Series

- Flat Rock Assembly Plant ( Flat Rock, Michigan ): Ford Fusion, Ford Mustang

Ford data reveals that the new technology improved customer satisfaction in regards to paint quality by a whopping 82 percent within one year, while providing dramatic changes in surface paint finish quality.

Ford also states that this technology significantly reduced the time that the workers spend on inspecting paint flaws. Besides, this allows workers to focus more on finding other potential imperfections, thus making the car paint as close to perfection as possible.

Ford 3D dirt detection image Ford 3D dirt detection image