Mercedes celebrates 10 millionth C-Class

Posted on Monday, 26 August 2013 , 13:08:17 byEmil

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Mercedes celebrates 10 millionth C-Class

1982. The first Mercedes-Benz ever, came out of the assembly line. Since then, more than 10 milion of this symbol were sold and made history.

During these years, the Mercedes Benz C-class went through 4 generations of cars. The 4th and current model has sold more than 2.3 million units since its initial launch in 2007.

Worldwide history since 1982

The C-Class tale stems from 31 years ago, when the Benz 190 (W201) was revealed. Being the smallest in the Mercedes Benz department, it got the nickname of 'Baby Benz'.

Then came 1993, the year that the first C-class designation was revealed(W202), with significant improvements over the past Benz models in terms of both power and appearance.

The 3rd version W203 was launched in 2000, and it came out with a bang, as it introduced a sports coupe version.

Come 2007 the latest and current C-class, W204 was displayed at the Geneva Auto Show and it started selling that same year on March 31st.

Currently the second best-selling entry-level luxury car in Canada and the United States, the W204 C-class is also topping the sales registration in the far east countries, such as China. Last year, it also featured in the Top 10 Best Selling Cars in Britain.


Since 2007, C-class Sedans have been manufactured in East London (South Africa), Beijing (China), and Sindelfigen (Germany).

The C-Class Estates have been produced mostly at the assembly plant in Bremen (Germany).

Having surpassed such a high figure, a little celebration might be in store for Mercedes. However, With the current version currently reaching its end, the company is looking forward to a bright future with the 2014 C-Class, which will also be produced in the Tuscaloosa plant (USA).

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