Toyota GT86 upgraded

Posted on Tuesday, 27 August 2013 , 15:08:48 byEmil

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Toyota GT86 upgraded

Last year Top Gear magazine's car of the year, and Autocar's 'best driver's car'... the Toyota GT86 / Scion FR-S (for USA and Canada markets) might get even more powerful. Rumours started appearing as the project's chief engineer, Tetsuya Tada publishely stated that he is working on upgrading the GT86 in the performance department, and announced we should stay tuned for something amazing to come in 2015.

While it has not been made clear whether there is already a decision made regarding a specific model, Tada specified that several prototypes are being tested.

Currently the 4-cylinder 2.0 engine uses Subaru's horizontally opposed boxer layout. Based on the details published so far, an increase of 0.5 liters to the boxer enginer, would account to quite a strong improvement in the power department. The current 147kW (197hp) could increase to approximately 190kw (255hp).

While not providing too much additional data, Tada claimed the next generation GT86 is already in the development part. Certain hints might suggest a replacement of the boxer engine, but so far one can only guess where the Toyota - Subaru love affair is heading towards.

Currently the jointly-produced coupe can be found in different versions with slight changes from one to the other:

Toyota GT86 in Europe

Toyota FT86 in Jamaica

Scion FR-S for the United States and Canada

Toyota 86 in Japan, South Africa and Australia

In March this year, a new convertible version has been presented as well at the Geneva Auto Show. The FT-86 Open had quite a whopping start in regards to sales.

All in all, is this good news for the 86 owners? First impressions sound like it is. Until further details are revealed, as Tada put it... we will have to stay tuned

Toyota GT86 upgraded image Toyota GT86 upgraded image
Toyota GT86 upgraded image Toyota GT86 upgraded image
Toyota GT86 upgraded image Toyota GT86 upgraded image