Honda Sets Record for Automobile Production Overseas and in Asia

Posted on Wednesday, 28 August 2013 , 21:08:06 byEmil

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Honda Sets Record for Automobile Production Overseas and in Asia

Honda Motor Company has recently released a couple of data charts regarding their sales figures in the past months.

So how did the Japanese brand do? These charts take into account the first 7 months of this year.

Since January of this year till' the end of July, the company produced 38.3% less than during the same period last year. However, this only accounts for the local Japanese market.

International production has seen an 8.8% increase, and Honda has been consistently setting monthly records in this aspect for 18 consecutive months now. If we were to specifically point out increasing production areas vs decreasing production areas, Honda has seen massive increases in Asia, first and foremost. Bare in mind, not in Japan, where production has decreased.

Honda's automobile production has also increased by 4% in North America. They manufactured 5.3% more units than during the same period last year.

Where did Honda lose ground?

Well, the most massive decrease comes from the home ground, still the main market for Honda (outside of the US). Production has reduced by 38.3% in Japan. Quite a signifcant amount has been lost in the European market as well, where Honda has decreased production by 16.6%.

Other published charts suggest that Honda is gaining ground with its mini-vehicles, which account to a 28.8% increase in sales in the Japanese market.

Worldwide, during the last  years, Honda has experienced a slight decrease in sales, from a total of 10,011,241 Yen in 2010 to a 7,948,095 Yen in 2012. However, the table seem to be turning for the Japanese manufacturers this year with a prediction of 9,877,947 Yen based on current sales.

Figures starting to improve, earlier this year Honda have also announced a re-entering in Formula One racing in 2015 as a symbol of their attempt to roar back.