Geely sets sales for USA

Posted on Thursday, 29 August 2013 , 18:08:07 byEmil

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Geely sets sales for USA

After a less than succesful attempt a couple of years ago, Geely are targeting the USA market yet again. However, this time around, it seems they might have a better run at it.


While the 2006 Detroit Motor Show did not provide the expected result for Geely due to low recognition in the States, Gui Shengyue, chief executive officer of Geely, is confident that after taking over Volvo, the public opinion will see a massive improvement.

Geely is aiming at becoming China’s biggest vehicle exporter this year, after coming in second to Cherry Automobile in 2012.

Last year the two-joint enterprise sold more than 100,000 vehicles abroad, and this year the predicted figure is around 180,000 units.

 While setting up sales for the states, Geely must also be careful with the home market, as competition is getting tighter by the year. In this regard, Geely is quite confident they can keep up and exceed expectations. Rumours say the company has got a new USV in the works for the Chinese market.


As for the USA market, that will definitely pose a challenge to Geely. Will we see a different story from the one in 2006? Well, we'll have to wait to get a definite answer, but so far it's looking good.

With their latest KC Concept unveiled earlier in April, they have sure set the tone for a good year to come and left public opinion at an all-time high. Indeed, after the joint-venturing with Volvo, reports for the newer models praise the better performance and refined design.


From a financial perspective, Geely’s shares stock has seen a 3.9 percent increase in Hong Kong during the last 3 months. Overall, The stock has gained close to 10 percent this year.