Toyota Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle concept headed to Frankfurt

Posted on Monday, 2 September 2013 , 15:09:24 byEmil

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Toyota Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle concept headed to Frankfurt

Toyota informs that they have planned to introduce a new Fuel Cell Hybrid concept during Frankfurt`s IAA this year.

The car will not produce any emissions due to its hydrogen-electric system. Furthermore, the manufacturer wishes to produce an affordable four-door model without making any alterations to the interior. In the manufacturer`s opinion, the Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicles offer the most viable answer when the harmful tailpipe question is raised. Thus during this year`s Frankfurt motor show they will explain the secrets behind delivering a concept which provides a performance comparable to conventional motors running on fuel and diesel.

Since the release of the first FCV-R concept (Tokio 2011 Motor Show), Toyota made continuous progresses towards the goal of creating an affordable FCHV model. The model will significantly reduce costs and will be available in Japan, USA and Europe by 2015.

This Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle is prone to use two high-pressure hydrogen tanks, a fuel cell, a 21Kw battery and a Hybrid Synergy Drive system (the same power system used by Prius). The fuel Cell stack was downsized, therefore Toyota managed to reach the highest  fuel cell power density, 3.0 kw per litre. Both the fuel tanks and the fuel cell stack will be located under the auto`s floor leaving the cabin to its initial size. When compared to the fuel stack Toyota (2008), the new model has half the weight and size but has twice the power density. Furthermore, the new car will permit making cold start at temperatures down to -30°C.

Regarding the cost, it has now reached the sum of approximately £70,000 but the manufacturer is sill researching ways of reducing it before the model will finally be available for purchase, although the price of the new fuel cell system is already down to a tenth of what the FCHV-adv used.

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