Steve Sharf, Chrysler`s former executive vice president,dead at 92

Posted on Tuesday, 3 September 2013 , 21:09:36 byEmil

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Steve Sharf, Chrysler`s former executive vice president,dead at 92

The man who led Chrysler to its `80s successes by developing the manufacturer`s international business growth has passed away on the 31th of August in Detroit.

Steve Sharf retired from Chrysler in 1986, thus marking an end to a 28 year old career with the automaker. Sharf retired as an executive vice president.

After his retirement, he continued to be a great philanthropist, focusing mainly on universities and schools.  Only one year ago, he donated 21 million dollars to the Oakland University, donation which came in 7 million dollars cash and 14 million dollars in an estatein addition to another 4 million dollars donation to a medical school. During 30 years, Sharf made numerous gifts such as including the establishment of the Stephan Sharf Endowed Scholarship for engineering students and the Stephan and Rita Sharf Scholarship in the School of Bussiness Administration as well as another scholarship dedicated to Chrysler employees and their children in Detroit.

Steve Sharf was born in Berlin. After graduating the University of Berlin in 1958, he immediately immigrates to the United States with a mechanical engineering degree in 1947. He first worked together with  Ford for eight years, prior to joining Chrysler as a master mechanic back in 1958.

After last year`s donations, Oakland University`s Gary Russi stated that: `has been at the heart of some of our most important projects and initiatives. His support of the medical school is yet another indication of his passion for excellence .` As a response Steve Sharf replied that: `I am paying back what America did for me` the very same day when one of his donations reached The Oakland Press.