TechArt GrandGT package for Porsche Panamera

Posted on Tuesday, 3 September 2013 , 13:09:28 byEmil

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TechArt GrandGT package for Porsche Panamera

Everyone wants to stand out. This is true when it comes to their car as well.

It is the reason aftermarket tuners such as TechArt remain in business, because even if you happen to buy into the brand dynamics of something as exclusive as a Porsche, you will never be the only one, a sole owner as such.

In order for Porsche Panamera owners to customise and taylor their car to their unique personality, in order for them to feel more special and have a car designed to meet their individual preferences (or quirks), Germany tuner Techart now offers its GrandGT Pacakage to the market.

Based on the latest Porsche Panamera Turbo (after the facelift), Techart’s technicians have managed to extract additional power. So you can rest assured that your GrandGT is unchallenged on the highway. With a peak output of 432kW, this package will indeed bring some serious muscle to your ride.

Besides the obvious performance boosters, the package brings to the table a series of aesthetic changes as well (we hesitate to say 'improvements' due to the the wide-spread opinion that the Panamera is best designed by Porsche, built by Porsche and noone else should interfere with the master-piece). With the GrandGT package, the buyers will get reshaped bumpers front and rear, a carbon-fibre bonnet, and flared wheel arches which will accommodate the 22-inch alloys.

All in all, first impressions would indicate this to be a surprisingly retrained evolution of the Panamera, for those who are into packages like this. Price-wise, we are still in the dark, however given the stock Panamera Turbo's price of $135 k to $140 k, we may expect TechArt's GrandGT to add a significant damage to the buyers. More details shall emerge after the official debut in Zurich in on November 11th.