Jaguar C-X17 concept- first official photo

Posted on Friday, 6 September 2013 , 13:09:49 byEmil

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Jaguar C-X17 concept- first official photo

The first official photo of the Jaguar C-X17 concept has emerged.  

The picture only offers the front view of the auto, lucky enough the concept will be presented during next week`s Frankfurt Motor Show on the 10th of September (press conference), just a day after its pre show reveal on the 9th of September.

Early this month, the manufacturer announced that `C-X17 concept has been as a design study to introduce Jaguar`s new, highly advanced, modular aluminium architecture.` This official photo only gives us a front view of the car. The sight of this does not surprise much, the styling cues being the same as the ones from the recent automaker`s models. However, a certain oversize can be detected, as to match the crossover body style.

The concept seems to be a five doors crossover with large air intakes and a large front grille. Rumors have it that the card will feature F-Type inspired tailings together with a tailgate mounted spoiler. A teaser photo posted a few days ago also shows a generous leaper logo on the back alongside of a sloping roofline.

The automaker was not very communicative regarding the concept`s technical specifications, apart from the promised very advanced modular aluminium architecture. Regarding new the platform,  this is expected to be called Premium Light Architecture (PLA); it is also said that company`s future crossover and entry level sedan will ride this new platform.

At this moment, it is only a matter of days until the 9th of September when the Jaguar C-X17 concept will have its official debut and all the new features will be disclosed and discussed during next day`s press conference.