2015 Shelby GT500 portrait

Posted on Saturday, 7 September 2013 , 03:09:58 byTheodora

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2015 Shelby GT500 portrait

The Ford Mustang Shelby has always been a legend in the auto field. The earliest versions date back to 1964. Currently, the Mustang is at its fifth generation and it is a vehicle that has been submitted to a lot of changes in order to be kept in fashion. News about the Shelby has always been among the favourites of the American brand’s lovers who just love to keep an eye on anything coming from the States.

Well, JC Design has decided to juice up the fans’ lives with a portrait of the 2015 Shelby Mustang GT500.This is made  starting from the renders that have been released on the Internet by the automobile passionate and also from the spy shots taken to the future car. The vehicle’s front end seems resembling to the one of an Aston Martin, especially when it comes down to the front grille and the LED headlights. The hood got a slight power bulge, while the car’s body has become more aggressive, having a larger front bumper and side skirts.

All the information regarding the car doesn’t contain any details about the powering source of the Ford Shelby GT500. We only know that Ford is preparing for the GT350 the V6 engine outputting 450 bhp (335 kW). However, there is also a rumour according to which Ford is thinking of giving up on the GT500 version in favour of a SVT Cobra powered by a naturally-aspirated engine. All the details about the Mustang will be revealed at NAIAS 2014 when the vehicle is supposed to have its official debut.

2015 Shelby GT500 portrait image