2014 Volkswagen X1 prices announced

Posted on Saturday, 7 September 2013 , 09:09:28 byEmil

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2014 Volkswagen X1 prices announced

Volkswagen has reportedly settled on a price for its radically styled, super-efficient XL1 diesel plug-in hybrid: € 111,000. That would convert to $146,243 in US dollars, though it matters little since the XL1 will not be sold in the States.

Pioneering construction techniques, an advanced plug-in hybrid drivetrain and innovative packaging all play their role in allowing the XL1 to return a staggering 313 mpg on the combined cycle, whilst emitting only 24 1/km of CO2 to set a new benchmark for vehicle efficiency and eco-friendly standards.

The XL1 is powered by a compact 800 cc TDI two-cylinder common rail diesel engine that develops 48 horsepower. This is linked to an electric motor producing 27 hp, resulting in a total of 75 poneys – a rather modest output on first impression yet more than enough when the low kerb weight  of the vehicle is taken into account. The exciting (yet for many unaffordable) hybrid has a max torque of 103 lb-ft. Power is routed to the rear wheels through a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. Energy is stored in a 2.6-gallon fuel tank and a lithium-ion battery pack placed in front of the passenger cell. No details so far for the battery pack capacity though.

The XL1 weighs in at 1,750 pounds / 795 kg and can travel up to 31 miles / 50 kilometres in pure electric mode. Accelerating from rest to 62 mph (0-100 km/h) can be achieved in 12.7 seconds and the electronically limited top speed is 100 mph (162 km/h).

The XL1 gets its name from the fact that it uses less than one liter of fuel to go 100 kilometers (using one liter would be equivalent to 235 mpg). Thus far, the german carmaker has built 50 units of the futuristic looking hybrid. Plans are on making another 200 for delivery in the spring of 2014 before ending the project.