Toyota GT 86 hybrid in progress

Posted on Friday, 13 September 2013 , 05:09:37 byTheodora

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Toyota GT 86 hybrid in progress

Hybrid cars are the trend of the moment in the auto field. They appear in the news all the time lately. Every respectable car manufacturer cares for creating eco-friendly vehicles. There are several reasons why interest in these vehicles convinced even the biggest car producers to enter the trend. Toyota, one of the most innovative brands in the world, is no exception. The company doesn’t take a step back when it comes to creating hybrid or electric models. They have one of the most important eco-friendly lineups in the world. And the latest news coming from the Toyota officials is that a Toyota GT 86 hybrid version is under development.  The work on the car is pretty advanced and the only thing that stops production for the moment is the green light given by the experts. But there is much confidence it will come.

The Toyota officials refrained from offering too many details regarding the future production vehicle. There is a high chance that the model will benefit from the hybrid technology used by the Japanese brand on the road and race cars. And we are all familiar with the fact that Toyota has an extremely well done hybrid system, which, up till now, hasn’t failed. So, hopefully, the hybrid version of the GT 86 gets materialized and we will get to notice the cars behavior on road.

Toyota GT 86 hybrid in progress image