Rolls-Royce SUV approaching

Posted on Tuesday, 17 September 2013 , 10:09:42 byTheodora

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Rolls-Royce SUV approaching

Rolls-Royce is known as a supreme quality brand and is regarded by many persons as a champion in matter of what businesses contribute to the societies and economies. High value businesses create wealth, providing access to global markets through developing new technologies. As a respectable company, Rolls Royce values high performance products, high value services, skilled employees and economical value. The name has become not only excellence in engineering but also a standard in the auto field. And it stands as proof all the vehicles manufactured by the company until now. And it might come as a surprise, but the company’s officials are thinking about creating an SUV.

Rolls-Royce and Bentley have always had parallel histories, they have always been in a tough competition and they have always tried to overcome one another, each of them having good moments. Bentley has recently announced that they are working on the first SUV ever created by the brand, which is planned to be launched in 2016. So, Rolls-Royce seems to counterattack with the news that they are seriously thinking about introducing the SUV segment, which is very popular these days.  The announced Bentley SUV is thought to be priced from 180,000 EUR. This means that if the Rolls-Royce SUV will get to reach production it will be more expensive, probably around 250,000 EUR.

As we already said, the utility vehicles market is constantly expanding because the request is also high. And don’t even think about the fact that it is too crowded with crossovers and SUVs because many of the most important brands will come to contradict you.  Besides Bentley and Rolls-Royce, there are some other names that plan to introduce such a vehicle. Jaguar released the C-X17 Concept, a preview of their future coming CUV. Maserati will introduce the Levante, Aston Martin is thinking of developing Lagonda and even Lamborghini confirmed the Urus launch for 2017. So, with all these great names at work, we will be just delighted to receive and enjoy their vehicles.

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