Mercedes-Benz SSC digitally imagined

Posted on Wednesday, 25 September 2013 , 07:09:32 byTheodora

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Mercedes-Benz SSC digitally imagined

Drawing cars used to be a pleasure for many teenagers. But as the time passed, new ways of spending time have appeared. However, there is one guy who sticks to tradition. Theophilus Chin is the name that has a hobby from designing cool potential vehicles. And lately, he is a rather busy person, creating all kinds of new models. Among them, he also imagined how a Mercedes-Benz SSC could look like, despite the fact that the German company hasn’t mentioned anything about the car lately.

The four-door Mercedes-Benz SSC should have bigger dimensions that the CLS. We need to remember that the CLS is the fourth largest coupe branded Mercedes-Benz.  Theophilus Chin imagined the SSC as being a homage brought to the SSK roadster, which is a symbol of the Mercedes Company. This was manufactured between 1928 and 1932 and it had great success back then. The two-door S-Class coupe concept will enter production in 2014. A convertible variant is also planned for next year. The officials at Mercedes wish to create the largest S-Class family ever and for this they are planning on introducing more new vehicles. Until then we can study the creation of Mr. Chin and imagine our own version of the SSC.

Mercedes-Benz SSC digitally imagined image Mercedes-Benz SSC digitally imagined image