Aston Martin Cygnet reduced to silence

Posted on Friday, 27 September 2013 , 22:09:05 byTheodora

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Aston Martin Cygnet reduced to silence

Aston Martin is a quite familiar name for the car fans worldwide. It is associated with the British character, a place where luxurious car brands are in their element and where there are appropriate conditions to develop business. Aston Martin has become in time a respectable brand with clear orientation towards satisfying even the most difficult customers. But there is a time when one should accept defeat and it is the case with the Aston Martin Cygnet.

The Aston Martin Cygnet was first introduced as a concept model back in 2010 and entered production in 2011 and now it reached the point of being axed. The Cygnet was imagined as a city car and it had the job of making life in the big cities easier. However, people seemed not to appreciate it much enough to keep it alive. The small car borrowed the mechanical parts from the Toyota iQ. The interior and exterior looks were the ones that had to make it more interesting. Probably this was a weak point. British people are very traditionalist so they might have thought a Japanese inspired vehicle was not good enough for Aston Martin.

Apparently, 2011 was not a good year for Aston Martin. Just as a reminder, in January the British have introduced the new Virage which got to the end of the “road” just a year later. In February 2011, the company released the Cygnet on the market and now, after a two years’ life, it will also be cut off. The Cygnet’s price starts from 35,000 EUR and there are a few more in the Aston Martin dealerships. 

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