Skoda is working on two new crossovers

Posted on Monday, 30 September 2013 , 04:09:20 byEmil

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Skoda is working on two new crossovers

There are rumors according to which Skoda is currently working on two new crossover vehicles.

The first auto is expected to be a redesigned version of the Volkswagen Taigun. The Taigun made its debut as a concept during last year`s San Paulo Motor Show. Now Skoda will present a modified version of the car which will be front drive only. The rebadged car is rumored to be inspired from the Citigo and could be named the Skoda City SUV.  Although the City SUV is part of the manufacturer`s plans, Skoda`s head of development statement indicates that it is a plan for the distant future: ` For now we need roomy cars first […] That doesn’t mean there’s less room for a small SUV, though. We are a member of the VW Group and can take it, but let’s wait and see.”

As the previous stamen indicates, Skoda`s priority plan is to come with a bigger seven-seater SUV to continue the success they had with the Yeti launched in 2009. The new Skoda SUV is rumored to be showcased during the next edition of the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2015.

Skoda already owns 4% of the European car market but has plans of expanding even more. The large SUV is expected to help the company reach the 500.000 Euros target they have for annual sales but also lead the way to other important markets such as China. Dr. Frank Welsch, Skoda`s head of development states that: ` A seven-seater is the most logical route from our customers`.

The SUV is would be suitable to come with Plug-in hybrid technology but Dr. Welsch politely declined this rumor with the following statement: “We are in a good position as we have smaller cars with efficient engines, so we are good for meeting emissions regulations.”; For further explanations Skoda`s chief of development informed that: “Other brands in the group need to start with EVs and hybrids now, but not us. One day we will do it.”

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