New EV acceleration record

Posted on Wednesday, 2 October 2013 , 14:10:24 byTheodora

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New EV acceleration record

There is an entire trend of creating eco-friendly cars, so it is not false if we say that we are at the beginning of the electric vehicle’s era. There are plenty of reasons why interest in these vehicles convinced even the most important car producers to enter the trend. Brands like Toyota, BMW, Nissan, Volkswagen and even Ferrari do the impossible to excel in the field of hybrid and electric cars. EVs are a subject of research at a smaller level, too. And we are talking here about university research.

A group of Dutch students built up an electric vehicle and they have broken the acceleration record when it comes to electric units, taking their creation from 0-100kph (0-62mph) in just 2.15 seconds. The former record was 2.68 seconds and the team’s coordinator admitted that the time they wanted to beat initially was of 2.30 seconds. Surprisingly, the car also beat the 2.3 seconds record that was achieved by the production Ariel Atom V8 in 2010.

The Dutch car was manufactured at Delft University of Technology and it is powered by wheel-mounted electric motors that provide a combined output of 135HP. It only weights 320 lbs (145kg). The record was made possible thanks to the smallest member of the team, who drove the vehicle. In a more or less playful game, the Dutch production remains just a research project. But then again, without research we wouldn’t have the vehicles we have today.