Bentley four-door imagined

Posted on Thursday, 3 October 2013 , 12:10:19 byTheodora

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Bentley four-door imagined

Bentley is, by all means, a name in the car industry associated with opulence and excess. Modesty is not one of their characteristics, especially because everything they do needs to be uncommon and the target is made of the upper class persons to whom luxury is a necessity. The car manufacturer from Crewe is taking into consideration to create a four-door coupe, based on the Continental GT.

The information that Bentley is planning to introduce a new four door coupe to the line-up has got to the talented artists’ ears and the renderings start to show up. Theophilus Chin is probably the most famous of these artists and he impresses car lovers with his creations. Imagination is something that he doesn’t lack and with every project he creates he makes people dream with their eyes open. The four-door Bentley has just received some attention from Mr. Chin who digitally realized a picture of it.

The Bentley four-door will use the same platform as the Volkswagen MSB. This will also be used on the Porsche Panamera. The vehicle will probably be powered by the brand’s 12 cylinder engine and the price will go over €125,000 once it is launched. If the next four-door coupe will be a success only the keen eye of customer can confirm but so far Bentley showed us that it is client oriented and it is taking no limits to fulfill even the most demanding needs.