Peugeot 6008 concept coming to the 2014 Beijing Motor Show - report

Posted on Wednesday, 2 October 2013 , 22:10:14 byEmil

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Peugeot 6008 concept coming to the 2014 Beijing Motor Show - report

According to rumors, Peugeot intends to introduce a 6008 crossover concept during the 2014 Beijing Motor Show. The thirteenth edition of the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition (Auto China 2014) is set to take place between the 21st and the 29th of April next year. The biennial event will be held within the Beijing China International Exhibition Center allowing car manufacturers and auto concerning  industries to show off their new creations and innovative technologies.

With enough months ahead to this event, details are limited regarding the new Peugeot vehicle. There are sources informing that the vehicle is inspired from the Citroen DS Wild Rubis concept which made its debut during the 2013 Auto Shanghai Motor Show. Using the same platform as the Wild Rubis, the new SUV concept is expected to be approximately 4.7 meters in length and 1.95 meters in height.

As it is designed to be a competitor for the BMW X3 and Audi Q5, the manufacturer is expected to present a flawless concept with a stylish carefully designed exterior and Hybrid 4 technology. Based on these details, we can assume that the car will feature the same styling cues from the Peugeot 2008 and 308. The vehicle will reportedly feature a prominent grille, redesigned headlamps and boomerang shaped LED backlights.

Since the Citroen Wild Rubis turned out to be a success, it is only natural for the manufacturer to follow the positive feedback by releasing a new SUV concept. Of course, since Peugeot declined to release more information concerning their intentions, a number of questions have now raised. One of these questions is whether the concept will be a 4X4 or a 4X2. In reply to this, Maxime Picat, Peugeot`s general director informed that ` we have the functionality of 4x4s with our HYbrid4 technology.`

If the rumors turn out true, the production version of the auto will be launched in China with high expectations of being made available for the European market in 2016.

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