Mercedes MLC comes to battle BMW X6

Posted on Tuesday, 8 October 2013 , 07:10:20 byTheodora

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Mercedes MLC comes to battle BMW X6

Mercedes-Benz is one of Europe’s greatest automakers. This is due partly to the intense competition between the world’s most famous brands, reason which of course gives birth to the company’s desire to score points in its favour and overcome the enemies. Mercedes has always been a respectable brand in the auto field. Its top position is clear to everybody, including to the rival companies which try to do their best to keep up with it.

The word is that Mercedes is currently working on a future vehicle which is going to battle against the BMW X6. This is known as the Mercedes MLC and it has been green lighted to enter production. The MLC will complete the SUV segment, which is continuously developing, and it will bring some freshness to the market. The new vehicle will use the ML- Class platform and it will come equipped with six and eight cylinder gasoline engines for the U.S. market. For Europe some diesel models will most likely be available. And, as it expected a range-topping AMG version will also be available.

The officials at Mercedes state that this model is the result of a high demand and it should be favourable to the company ad the costs of manufacturing it will be low since the MLC will be based on the ML. It will only have a different body style. The car is supposed to be built in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, a Mercedes plant where the German company will invest around $350 million. We are looking forward to see the MLC on road and, of course, to see who’s going to win this time: Mercedes or BMW?

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